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Foods to avoid: 12 to 24 months

Low-fat milk: 
Your toddler still needs the fat and calories of whole milk for growth and development. Once he turns 2 (and if he doesn't have any growth problems), you can start giving him lower-fat milk if you like.

Large chunks
Pea-size pieces of food are safest — they won't get stuck in your child's throat. Vegetables like carrots, celery, and green beans should be diced, shredded, or cooked and cut up. Fruits like grapes, cherry tomatoes, and melon balls should be cut into quarters before serving, and meats and cheeses should be cut into very small pieces or shredded.

Small, hard foods
Nuts, popcorn, cough drops, hard candies, raisins, and other small dried fruit and seeds are potential choking hazards. Also avoid chewing gum and soft foods like marshmallows and jelly candies that might get lodged in your child's throat.

Peanut butter
Be careful not to give your toddler large dollops of peanut butter, which can be difficult to swallow. Instead, spread peanut butter thinly on bread or crackers. You might want to try thinning it with some applesauce before spreading it.

More choking prevention
Avoid letting your child eat in the car since it's hard to supervise while driving. 
If you're using a rub-on teething medication, keep an even closer eye on your toddler as it can numb his throat and interfere with swallowing.

Highly allergenic foods
Most kids can handle common allergens by their first birthday. But if you're concerned about allergies, experts suggest delaying the introduction of egg whites until age 2, and holding off on shellfish, tree nuts, and peanuts (including peanut butter) until your child is at least 3. 
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