Babycenter每周都會寄"My baby this week"電子報,對我來說,是很大的參考指標,畢竟我現在對淇淇已是照豬養的模式。

摘錄8 month 1week,我覺得寫的很好,也是告訴自己要...手放開耳且要開始搬家俱了。

Your baby's newfound mobility means that she's now entering the land of bumps and falls. These are an inevitable part of childhood, and although your heart may occasionally skip a beat or two, try to enjoy watching your baby explore her surroundings and discover his limits.

Restraining your innate desire to protect your baby allows her to grow and learn for herself. However, do make every effort to make your home baby-safe. A good way to do this is to get down to her level to find the possible danger zones. Secure fragile objects so they won't topple, for example, and keep rickety furniture in rooms that don't get much baby traffic.

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